Here's how it works

We live in one VANCOUVER, CANADA one of the greenest cities in the world, and we’re proud to support eco-friendly initiatives. Our products and packaging are reusable and recyclable and we avoid the use of unnecessary cartons and single-use plastics when possible. Our products are free from animal products and byproducts and we’d never test on animals.


It's our freshness guarantee

All Vellum products are custom made to order. We know organic skincare is most potent when it’s fresh so we don’t pre-fill, and we never run out of stock. Your Vellum product is only picked, bottled, and shipped when you decide it’s time.


Essential oils have a direct impact on our brain’s biochemistry, and possess the ability to uplift us and calm us. When we inhale essential oils, the aroma molecules travel up our olfactory pathway, to our brain’s limbic system, where emotion and memory is stored.

When used daily as part of a self-care process, essential oils do wonders for our moods, our mental state, and our physical bodies.

Carrier oils contain vitamins and minerals that are absorbed into the skin's deepest layers, delivering moisture from the cell matrix to the outer layer of the skin. These oils are perfect for diluting essential oils before you apply them to the skin. This is how you create a mind + body connection with your skincare routine.

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