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I see you from behind the screen, and I'm here to help you get grounded as you reconnect with nature. I'm Patch and my aroma will put a pause on your digital lifestyle, rewiring your sense of reality.  As you inhale…

I see you from behind the screen, and I’m here to help you get grounded as you reconnect with nature.

I’m Patch and my aroma will put a pause on your digital lifestyle, rewiring your sense of reality. 

As you inhale my musky scent, you’ll find yourself connecting to the wisdom and lessons found in the earth’s soil, water and air.

Find your mind calmed and quieted as you breathe in the the spirit of mother earth. Use me to release anxious feelings stemming from your digital world.

– Patch

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  • No Additives
  • Made in Vancouver
  • Vegan Friendly
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Use when reconnecting to nature and focus on the word GROUNDING

Scent description: A rich earthy base note containing all the richness of the elements. This sweet, slightly herbaceous musky scent improves with age.

+ Delivered with limited edition Patch print by LA based artist MRBBABY

+ 100% pure dark patchouli essential oil by steam distillation of the dried leaves

+ Sourced from Indonesia

+ Housed in a 15mL/.51 fl oz glass bottle

+ Non toxic, Non irritant, non sensitizing

Diffuse and inhale to create a scent association using the Mood Memory diffuser. Dilute and massage or add 5-10 drops to your bath to experience both the mental and physical benefits of Patchouli oil. These oils work particularly well with Mood Memory, but are also compatible with other diffusers including Saje Natural Wellness diffusers.


Diffuse patchouli essential oil to ease lethargy, exhaustion and low motivation. Patchouli oil creates a calm and hopeful atmosphere in the mind by releasing nervous tension and creating an uplifting mood. Inhaling patchouli oil has a direct affect on the brain and hormones in the body. Patchouli stimulates the pleasure centres, activating dopamine and serotonin releasing feelings of anxiety and worry.


A known aphrodisiac for hundreds of years, patchouli gives your libido a boost by stimulating estrogen and testosterone and lessening sexual anxiety so that you can perform better and receive pleasure for longer.


This oil has a multitude of uses to repair skin and hair. Patchouli is a natural fungicide and is used to heal cracked skin, and fight athletes foot as well as other fungal infections . It’s most commonly used to disinfect open wounds, and speed up healing.

Patchouli is also a great natural insect repellant; dilute a couple drops in a base oil and massage into skin to keep the critters off you.


All of our products are made to order and only filled and shipped after you place your order. Essential oils are most potent and effective when they’re fresh and when they’ve been sitting on the shelf, they’ve already lost potency and magic. Each product you order from Vellum Wellness arrives freshly made, just for you.


We’re a vertically integrated company, so everything we do, including formulation, testing, manufacturing, branding, shipping and even social media happens at our 50,000 square foot facility in Vancouver, Canada. We’re proud to source our hemp oil from Canadian farmers and our essential oils from established fields from around the world.


All of our products are free from animal products or byproducts, and we are strictly against animal testing. We care about the planet as much as we care about animals, so our packaging is recyclable and reusable.


All of our products are free of any added synthetic fragrances, colours or fillers. All of our essential oils are preservative free and 100% pure. Our formulated products contain natural preservatives and ingredients.

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