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Mood Memory is more than a diffuser - it's a way to reset your memories. Emotions are stored in your brain's limbic system - the same place where memories are formed. You access this area through your senses: what you…

Mood Memory is more than a diffuser – it’s a way to reset your memories.
Emotions are stored in your brain’s limbic system – the same place where memories are formed. You access this area through your senses: what you smell, what you hear and what you see. 
We know that scent has strongest ties to memory through the olfactory system. Each time you inhale a Mental Essential’s oil this process your brain associates the aroma of your Mental Essential oil with its mental benefit.
Strengthen this connection with a complimentary playlist and colour from Mood Memory’s light colour cycles. Set a mood to process the data from your day, allowing yourself to unload and unwind. Wake up to a new, fresh mood and make the most of your time with Mood Memory’s alarm functions. 
The Mood Memory Speaker diffuser releases a fine mist of essential oil molecules encased in water droplets. As you inhale, these molecules travel through your olfactory pathway, reaching your limbic system, and altering your mood. 
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  • No Additives
  • Made in Vancouver
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Made Fresh to Order
  • How to use:
  • Why diffuse?


Create mood memory by connecting to Memory’s app to start the diffuser for up to 6 hours and choose light options from your smartphone. Set an alarm to begin diffusing oils remotely. Choose from different light scenes to set the mood or find your custom colour using the app’s colour wheel.

+ Access your music library or stream music using Bluetooth, TF card and AUX functions

+ Diffusing run time: 6 hours

+ Comes with integrative app for App Store and Google Play

+ Diffuser run frequency: 2.4 MHz per second

+ Chamber water capacity: 280mL

+ Comes with BPA free water reservoir and DC 24V power adapter


Use Mood Memory to simplify your life and eliminate the need for candles, nightlights, air fresheners, alarm clocks and bluetooth speakers. Everything you need to create a mood, from one device.


This diffuser works as a humidifier as it releases moisture into the air, and removes odours. Add the right blend of essential oils to help clear the air and alleviate cold and flu symptoms as well as working overtime to keep critters away. Experience Mood Memory’s aroma up to 550 square feet.


Diffusing is the best heat-free way to enjoy scent and light as you freshen up your space – without worrying about burning it down. Memory has a 6 hour continuous run time so you have ample time to experience the mental benefits provided by essential oils. There’s also an auto shut off safety feature to turn off the humidifier once low water is detected.


The best place to use this diffuser is any place: your bedroom or bathroom or living room or kitchen, in dorms and man-caves, and classrooms and offices and any space you call your own.


Echoic Memory

Ever hear a song you haven’t heard in 10 years and still remember all the words? That’s Echoic memory. Access your echoic memory by connecting through Bluetooth (or AUX) and choose the right music to go with the essential oil you’ve chosen to explore.


This is different from aromatherapy as it focuses on the benefits of essential oils specifically for your mood.  The sense of smell is the strongest sense linked with memory. Just one whiff of a certain aroma can take you all the way back to a time in your life. To harness these powers, choose a mental benefit you’d like to explore and add a few drops into the diffuser and set the clock for up to 6 hours.

Iconic Memory 

This is sensory processing through images. When you see the colour red what do you feel? Is it anger or resentment or roses or one of your favourite garments? Processing mood through colour is a way for us to alter our mood. Different colours mean different things for everybody – we can’t even be sure that we all see the same colour and that’s why processing your emotions is such a unique process. To access your iconic memory, flip through the colours until you find one that matches the oil you’re diffusing and what you’re listening to. Or, get even more specific and set a custom colour through the app.



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