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Grapefruit is a light and uplifting oil that delivers vitamin C to the skin which firms skin texture while controlling sebum production and improving acne.

Grapefruit is a light and uplifting oil that delivers vitamin C to the skin which firms skin texture while controlling sebum production and improving acne.

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Grapefruit is an uplifting natural energy booster. Inhaling grapefruit essential oil activates the endocrine system which increases circulation, melting away any lethargy or exhaustion. This oil affects the nervous system, sending signals to your brain to increase your focus and alertness. This is a beneficial oil to use when you’re feeling overwhelmed, or anxious.


Grapefruit essential oil is antimicrobial and high in vitamin C making it a good go-to to diffuse when experiencing the flu or flu like symptoms. To relieve chills or muscle fatigue, dilute into a base oil and massage into skin. Grapefruit is rich in antioxidants and boosts the immune system while protecting it against free radical damage.


Acne, clogged pores and oily skin don’t stand a chance against grapefruit oil. This oil is a natural astringent, meaning it tightens pores and tones skin, while reducing the production of sebum – the stuff that causes clogged pores and pimples. Grapefruit cleanses skin, ridding it of impurities like sweat, pollution and dead skin cells. The anti-inflammatory properties in grapefruit oil reduces the swelling associated with pimples. Dilute a few drops in a base oil and apply to affected areas.

Reflect on your growth as you concentrate on the word GRATITUDE

Scent description: A citrus top note; fresh, invigorating and sweet, with tart and tangy undertones.

+ Delivered with limited edition Grai print by LA based artist MRBBABY

+ 100% pure white grapefruit essential oil by cold expression from the fresh peel

+ Sourced from the United States

+ Housed in a 15mL/.51 fl oz glass bottle

+ Non toxic, Non irritant, non sensitizing.

Diffuse and inhale to create a scent association using the Mood Memory diffuser. Dilute and massage or add 5-10 drops to your bath to experience both the mental and physical benefits of Grapefruit oil. These oils work particularly well with Mood Memory, but are also compatible with other diffusers including Saje Natural Wellness diffusers.

Essential oils have a direct impact on our brain’s biochemistry, and possess the ability to uplift us or calm us. When we inhale essential oils, the aroma molecules travel up our olfactory pathway, to our brain’s limbic system, where emotion and memory is stored.

When used daily as part of a self-care process, essential oils do wonders for our moods, our mental state, and our physical bodies.


All of our essential oils are completely pure, single note oils that are preservative free with no dilution or fillers. Our oils are lab tested for stability and quality. All Vellum products are free of any added synthetic fragrances or colours. Our formulated products may contain natural preservatives.


All of our products are custom filled to order because freshness matters. Our promise to you is potent, long lasting oils and this is achieved when oils are filled in small batches never sitting on shelves before they reach you.


We’re a vertically integrated brand so everything we do from formulation, manufacturing, shipping and even social media all happen in our Health Canada and FDA compliant facility in Vancouver, Canada.


Our products are never tested on animals and are free from animal products or byproducts. All of our packaging is reusable and recyclable.

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