If you’re early, you’re on time.

Time is a funny concept and is at the core of everything we do at Vellum Wellness.

It’s time to introduce the next phase in our Vellum Insider Program: THE EARLY ADOPTER

When you sign up today, you become an Early Adopter, and represent a group of individuals who are in the know, on the go, getting it first and getting it fast.

You’re the first one your friends text when they want an opinion because they know you’re always investing in new, fresh ideas. Our Early Adopters are meticulous with their time – their schedules may be jam packed but they know there’s no better investment than their wellbeing.

Being an Early Adopter is more than just being the first and fastest. All Early Adopters receive the highest level of access, along with:

  • promo codes
  • samples with every order
  • birthday gifts
  • sneak peeks (and more samples) of yet to be released products
  • once a month updates and wellness revelations
  • a commemorative Early Adopter edition of Elevate Hemp Hand Lotion when qualifying for free shipping.

Sign up to become an Early Adopter and start collect points when shopping for products, reviewing products, giving referrals or sharing on social media. Redeem points to keep supporting your wellness habit.

We’re not rewarding our big spenders, we’re rewarding our early customers.

Check out our first gift for our Early Adopters: a complimentary, commemorative, limited edition Elevate Hemp Hand Lotion bottle.

Stay tuned for more!