We’re going to a pot-up pool party…



Photo courtesy of Tokebox

With marijuana legalization a mere three weeks away, both Canadian users and ganjapreneurs are bracing themselves for the onslaught of new traffic coming up North. Canada is already cool (thanks Drake) but it’s about to have a giant, blinding 420 spotlight on it, as the world watches our newly legal nation.

People are calling this legalization 1.0 because there’s still more work to do when it comes to legalizing edibles and topicals. But lets rejoice on October 17th because smoking pot aka Vancouver’s favourite past time can now happen without worrying about legal ramifications.

Legalization has been a long time in the making and Vellum, alongside many other brands have been getting ready for our newly legalized future. We’re fortunate in British Columbia to have a lot of homegrown product, so many heady and potent strains are grown and consumed right here in our province. One of the best parts of creating Elevate Hemp Hand Lotion was working with Canadian farmers to source our hempseed oil and meeting producers, dispensary owners and other brands along the way.

On a recommendation from a friend, we discovered Tokebox  – a Vancouver based cannabis and lifestyle subscription box service that sends curated marijuana strains and products to thousands of customers across Canada. Signing up for a subscription box is an intimate way to explore new products and see what’s trending in the cannabis community – all from your living room.


Photo courtesy of Tokebox

We heard Tokebox was having a party, and we love us some party favours.

So we partnered with them to hand out samples of our Elevate Hemp Hand Lotion at their event. There will be plenty of products to sample and Tokebox will be doing an open house pop up where you can put together your own Tokebox by choosing from over 50 products (including ours)!

The event is being held at DVibz from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. and the event is all ages and pet friendly with donations for admission going to the High Hopes Foundation – an organization that helps people use cannabis to get off opioids.

We’ll be at the party, chatting #betweenthejoints and meeting fellow cannabis enthusiasts. You can register for the event here.