vellum talks to desi today about art therapy


Vellum sat down with Desi Today to talk about how combining elements of art therapy and essential oils led to Mental Essentials, our signature collection of 100% pure essential oils for mood. Desi Today is a South Asian news and lifestyle publication focusing on the issues that matter most to Indo-Canadians.

We talked to Desi Today about how many of the oils in the Mental Essentials collection have roots from all over South Asia, yet mental health continues to be stigmatized in Indo-Canadian communities.

In an effort to destigmatize mental health, and encourage dialogue, we commissioned LA based artist MRBBABY to hand paint illustrations for each oil. Each oil in the collection has been transformed into a character, representing a certain mood, and coming alive with colour and expression. Talking about how you feel can be tough, so the characters help facilitate and encourage conversations about mood and mental health.

Art Therapy and Essential Oils %%sep%% Mental Essentials by Vellum

Desi Today asked us who can benefit most from having a self care process based on essential oils, and we explained it’s important for everyone to create a self-care process to ease stress and create a healthy outlet to process your emotions and detox from mental stressors that build up in the brain.

When essential oils are extracted from plant matter (roots, stems, seeds, bark, flowers, fruits), they contain the essence of the plant. Plants have strong aromatic qualities to help them with protection and communication, and unlike synthetic fragrances, essential oils have the ability to transform mood.

Thank you to Surbhi for tracing back our wellness journey and featuring Vellum’s first collection, focusing on the mental benefits and mood enhancing properties found in essential oils.

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The essential oil industry hasn’t changed much over the last few decades, and despite how trendy oils currently are, consumers are still confused, and at times, overwhelmed, so we wanted to make it easy for people to shop for their mental health by having this art work, explains Sarah.

art therapy and essentials oils
Vellum’s first collection, Mental Essentials is a line of 100% pure essentials oils designed to explore your mood and process your emotions. A gang of imaginative and clever characters reflect a spectrum of moods and emotions, guiding and simplifying your wellness journey. Each character represents an oil, a country, a culture and a mood and are dressed in clothes from around the world. All oils in the Mental Essentials collections are packaged with a hand painted character portrait as a keepsake.