With legalization fast approaching, those DIY stoner kits, just don’t hack it anymore. It’s time to elevate hemp and your smoking game. That’s where SensiBox comes in.

SensiBox is how lowkey stoners make sure their supplies are never running low. Each month, the subscription box service sends out curated boxes filled with all your smoking essentials. It arrives in the mail, making is super easy, and super discreet, because let’s face it, the stigma around marjiuana still lingers, despite the fact that cannabis will be legal in Canada next month (thanks, Trudeau).

This month, the boxes are cactus themed, and include a cactus pipe, glass tips, a mason jar to keep your weed safe, pipe cleaners, lip balm, and of course, ELEVATE Hemp Hand Lotion by Vellum. This is our first formulated product, and we’re super excited to have it included in the September SensiBox.

Weed and stoner culture has been good to us, so we knew we had to include pot extracts in our hand lotion.We created ELEVATE Hemp Hand Lotion as a way to stay moisturized between the joints, and chose hempseed oil as one of our key ingredients. Hempseed oil is one of the most hydrating oils found in nature, loaded up with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to help hydrate skin from a cellular level.

When we were creating this lotion, the most important thing was to create a formula that was fast drying without leaving behind an oily residue. It took us over a year to get it right, proving again that time is the only true luxury. We wanted the process of moisturizing your hands to be a quick thing to do between the joints.

After countless revisions, we landed on a formula that was super hydrating and super fast drying, letting you get right back to the phone tapping and joint passing. We wanted to give ourselves mini hand massages between the grinding, rolling and scrolling to keep our skin hydrated and avoid the dreaded text thumb.

Samples of ELEVATE Hemp Hand Lotion are included in all September SensiBox orders, sign up before September 19th to get yours!