The Canadian national anthem has undergone a few changes since its inception. While many of us may remember the version we were taught in school, with the line “All thy sons command”, the original line was actually a lot more inclusive and gender neutral, with the line “Thou dost in us command.” The switch happened in 1914, six years after it was first created.

In keeping with the times, we’ve returned to a gender neutral anthem, and in February 2018, the line was changed yet again, to “in all of us command.” We’re proposing one more, major change to the anthem, reflecting what some goofy Canadians are referring to as C-Day, or simply, legalization of cannabis.

Check out our updated national anthem (it’s still gender neutral)!

O Cannabis!
Our home and native plant!
True ganja love in all us command
With high minds we see thee rise,
The True Green strong and loud!
From far and wide,
O Cannabis, we dab on guard for thee.
God keep our weed stem and seed free!
O Cannabis, we dab on guard for thee.
O Cannabis, we dab on guard for thee.