We know one of the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do is simply be human.

The way we’re helping with the hardest task any of us will ever embark upon, is through Vellum Wellness.

It’s wellness for everyone; it’s not all about chakras and tantric sex – it’s about uniting your mind and body so you can eat well, sleep well, fuck well, process your emotions and strengthen healthy habits.

Wellness isn’t always easy, so our products are designed to help you make the most of your time, because time is the only true luxury.



All of our products are made to order. We don’t pre-fill, and we never run out of stock. Your Vellum product is only picked, bottled, and shipped when you decide it’s time.

Wellness for every body

The internet has democratized music, art, fashion and now wellness.

By supporting us, you’re supporting what we call true luxury – a wellness company created by people of colour, for everyone and every body. So grab some stuff, and tell a friend.

This is luxury for everyone.

6 principles of Wellness

What we've learned through the years...

2015 - PROCESS
2017 - TIME

After conducting 60+ interviews with musicians, artists, and fashion designers, we begin to understand the duality of process. The first step of creating anything, is to create a process.

We apply this philosophy to wellness, and create a process to deal with our tough times.

Process your day. Process your emotions. Detox to rid yourself of mental stressors.

Addicted to the ‘gram, we decide we need a better way of living.

We take time to practice daily introspection, and put the phone down to give ourselves hand massages, especially between the joints.

We elevate above stereotypes and stigma, and experiment with cannabis sativa, featuring it as the key ingredient in our first formulated product – ELEVATE Hemp Hand Lotion.

We’re onto something…

Rather than sinking a ton of capital into our ideas, we spend time. A lot of time.

We say this makes us the world’s first true luxury brand. Traditional luxury exists, sure. But this is more.

This is true luxury. Time is the only true luxury and we carry that idea through everything we do.

We invest time into processing our emotions and even more time in developing our ideas.

With legalization of marijuana becoming a reality, we continue our dial-a-dope program to share wellness with anyone who has the number to the burner phone.

We knew we were on to something after completely selling through our first batch of Elevate Hemp Hand Lotion.

We decide it’s time to go online.

We’ve had enough of Gandhi quotes and “10 Ways to Use Essential Oils to Clean Your Home!”

Most of the time, we can’t even clean our face, let alone our homes. That makes us feel like we’re failing at this wellness game.

It’s not about comparisons. It’s about your personal best.

Our personal best means reusable packaging, recyclable components, and additive free, vegan friendly products.

We do our personal best to bring you products that make sense and explain what additive free (no added fragrances or colours) and vegan friendly (no animal byproducts) really means.

We use art and collaboration as a means of communication and expression.

We dream up a world of characters to represent our essential oils and team up with LA based illustrator MRBBABY for our first artist collaboration.

MRBBABY’s paintbrush brings life to these characters and the MENTAL ESSENTIALS collection is born.


Authoritative and influential.

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